KoPropo KR-415FHD odbiornik z krótką anteną

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  • 2.4GHz FHSS receiver includes dual receiver circuits

    KR-415FHD achieves a highly precise receiving performance with the use of a dual circuit and an external and internal antenna. 


    The pale -type case design

    This is 5.5 mm thiner  than previous models.
    So, Car gravity is  lower, and you can easy installation to the Radio box on the car.

    Shorter Antenna for Electric touring car.

    Antenna normal length is 210mm.(Antenna socket to top of antenna.) And Short type is 90mm length.
    In the case of short antenna, Accesstable to install an antenna tube directly  to the receiver case.
    It fits into the body of the electric touring car clearly.


    New HCS compatible

    The HCS mode shortens the communication time of the signal which has been compressed.
    KR-415FHD can change a mode to each channel 1-4 indiviually.

    HCS is a communication method to largely improve linearity of the servo movement. When using HCS mode, correspondence servos(ex, RSx3/BSx3series)are required. The correspondence servo recognizes both modes automatically.

    How to change the mode.

    1,Switch off the receiver and connect the mode selector to a channel that you would like changed.
    2,While pushing the set button on the receiver, turn the power source ON. When the LED of the mode selector lights up, the change is completed。

    The correspondence servo recognizes both modes automatically. So you do not change mode operation to the servo. 


    Initial setting of each channel

    The HCS compatible receivers are equipped with 2 different modes, Normal and HCS. 
    Normal mode is for non-HCS compatible servos, HCS mode is for HCS compatible servos.
    The default is set in Normal mode. You can use it for non-HCS compatible servos without re-setting.
    For use with HCS compatible servos, you need re-setting to change the mode to HCS, using ‘RX mode selector (16031 separately available).


    HCS Compatible servo(Feb 2017)


     ・BSx3 one10 Grasper



    Receiver: KR-415FHD

    Connector cap

    Antenna Tube( for Short antenna)

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