YOKOMO Racing Performer Steering Gyro V3 with End Point Adjustment

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Producent: YOKOMO
Kod produktu: RPG-302-V3


YOKOMO  Racing Performer Steering Gyro V3 (with End Point Adjustment)



From Yokomo under their Racing Performer brand is the RPG-302 V3 gyro. The conventional RPG-302 was well known for its balance and fast response as well as mild steering performance to achieve a realistic drifting angle. The new RPG-302 V3 now has a new feature, adjustable steering end point giving the possibility to adjust the steering limit for right and left independently. The look as also been updated with a new aluminium case with red anodised chamfered edges. Best suited for all type of RWD car, but can also work in AWD (4WD) cars.



  • This RPG-302V3 is only for available with 3ch receiver .
  • The 3rd channel must be a trim , If it is push button style, no available to use V3.
  • Settings:

① Easy on setting up End point, push the set up button while in max angle for both side.

② Gain control is possible from the transceiver, easy to operate right and left independently.


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