Yokomo YD-2S Special (Limited edition) RWD Drift Car (Plastic chassis)

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Yokomo YD-2S Special (Limited edition) RWD Drift Car (Plastic chassis)


Team Yokomo carefully selected recommended option parts as a set, this summer’s best super value limited drift chassis kit is in limited quantity!

“YD- 2S” which give high performance on low grip surface condition such as P tiles, Yokomo select a world proven optional parts as below.
Special bundled parts

Y2-202V - Aluminum Adjustable Steering Bell Crank set
Y2-008RS - Short Rear Suspension Arm
Y2-301D2 - Aluminum Rear Suspension Mount ”D”( 57.2 ~ 60.4mm )
Y2-301E2 - Aluminum Rear Suspension Mount”E”( 60.8 ~ 64.0mm )
B8-301BS - Suspension Mount Bushings

This car kit is the summer time special offer with limited quantity in sales.
Aluminum Adjustable Steering Bell Crank

It is a variable type bell crank which can be adjusted without changing the length of the tie rod, the front tread which is regarded as important for RWD drift.

By adopting a press-fitted bearing in a highly rigid aluminum main body, the operation accuracy of the steering is also improved, and the more stable performance is improved.
Short Rear Suspension Arm

Traction performance is greatly improved with the newly designed short type rear lower arm. Even at a deep drift angle of low grip road surface, it gives more stability than before. Throttle control with a margin will be possible.
Aluminum Rear Suspension Mount

Long Aluminum Suspension mount D type and E type has standard bundled for applying short type rear lower arm. Higher rigidity will deliver more high precision function at suspension. Also the heavier weight will increase the traction at the drift performance.

The kit does not include body, wheels, tires, motor, batteries, and other R/C electrics.




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