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AXON Revoshock for Yokomo YD-2/YD-4

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Producent: AXON
Kod produktu: DD-YS-001


AXON Revoshock for Yokomo YD-2/YD-4

AXON Amortyzatory Revoshock dedykowane do  Yokomo YD-2/YD-4



Producent: AXON

This is AXON Revoshock Damper Kit For Yokomo YD-2 / YD-4. The piston outer diameter is 11.5mm, which is unprecedented in the high-bore size, aiming at maximizing the dump capacity in order to obtain a high degree of gain. The clearance between the piston and cylinder is 0.025mm in order to minimize the piston swing during the piston stroke. In addition, Cylinder's coating is finished with Axon's original "HVF coating", which is formed of a strong fluorine film, and smooth and ideal piston operation has been realized. Drift car suspension is critically important because it allows you to get a soft undercarriage in order to earn machine drivability and tire grip. To that end, is the “ultimate low friction” required for the operation of the oil damper? The Axon Levoshock uses a special micro O-link, which creates a clearance between the outer periphery of the O-link and the cylinder to make the O-link “floating”. By doing so, the friction stress of the O-link is eliminated when moving up and down the piston lot without tightening the piston lot, achieving surprising low friction. In addition, the oil sealability has been dramatically improved by double-inserting micro-O-links of different sizes, and oil leakage is suppressed even when there is super low friction. Axon Levoshock seeks the ideal oil dumper, and O-Link is also newly developed. A special micro O-link “REVORING” with a different size uses a proprietary oil-breed type silicone rubber that has little change over time. The rubber hardness is also soft and supple, and the best damper condition lasts for a long time. The piston shock piston lot has a standard dimension setting of 0.001mm and is mirror-finished and finished with Axon's original "HVF coating" that is formed with a strong fluorine film like a cylinder, producing the best dumping performance.



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